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El servicio profesional y orientado hacia el cliente me ahorró mucho tiempo y problemas. El proceso de los trámites necesarios en el nuevo país han sido resueltos por Orbinet de manera sumamente competente y segura. Los empleados de Orbinet destacan por su amabilidad y confidencialidad. Me han dado la sensación de estar en buenas manos.
Muchas gracias !
D. Palmeiro • Assistant Vice President • Multinacional alemana

Gracias a todo el equipo por la ayuda preciosa que nos habéis dado, además por vuestra amabilidad y vuestra eficacia! Ya somos casi Españoles muy bien integrado en la cuidad, gracias a vosotros ...
X. Ducoux • Ingeniero Aeronáutico • Multinacional Francesa

Orbinet Relocation Consult was invaluable and saved both me and the company immeasurable time, allowing me to concentrate on the work in hand. I was overall very pleased and thankful that we had the experience of working with such kind and courteous professionals. I would recommend Orbinet Relocation Consult to anyone who is looking to relocate to Spain.
K.Mühlenfeld • Technical Director • English Multinational

Orbinet have provided an invaluable service in my recent relocation from Australia to Spain. I found Orbinet a highly professional, friendly, motivated organisation willing to provide assistance even in the most minor tasks. I am sure without your personal assistance my relocation to Spain would not have been a hassle-free as it was. Your service relieves a lot of the pressure from what is already a high stressful time.
I would highly recommend your service to anybody currently looking at relocating to Spain.
D.Weegink • Aeronautic Engineer • Australian Multinational

Now that I am totally settled, with a cute apartment that is insured, that I am registered in all the many many Spanish administrations, that I have a nice resident permit for my car, that I have the option of a next door garage if needed, a working internet connection at home and so on, I want to thank you very much for having made everything so easy and fast for my installation here. This is far from being my first move, and this is the first time that I had such a great and complete support for settling in.
You made it simple, efficient, fast, fun and I really did appreciate your “there is always a solution” attitude.

So, I will definitely recommend you for the future expats to come

S.Barraud - Marketing Director - German Multinational

I hope that you are well.  I would like to say a big "thank you" for all your help last week.  I appreciate all the work that you put into finding properties at such late notice, particularly bearing in mind the August holiday period.  Nikita and I are very happy with the property and are very much looking forward to moving in.  Thank you also for all the practical advice that you provided, this is invaluable.  Lastly, I wish you  happy holidays!

Best wishes,

B. Kaur – Technical Director – British Multinational

We would like to mention what a great service Orbinet provided my wife in finding a job.
Orbinet was extremely professional and understanding about the service that my wife needed.
Orbinet introduced my wife to their personal coach. She provided my wife with answers to all her doubts and explained how the system works: regarding job interviews – do’s and don’ts, and best of all how to prepare and sell her attributes in a CV for the Spanish work market.

Also worth mentioning, wasthe support provided a day before the first interview which involved Orbinet going the extra mile, and coming to our house on a Sunday afternoon, after very short notice.
My wife would definitely recommend Orbinet, based on their professional approach to her requests, the tools they have empowered her with and of coursethe end result of now being integrated in the work system in a considerably short place of time.

L.Bull - Areonautic engineer – European Multinational

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